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On the right bank of the Soča river, between Kobarid and Tolminm there rises a steep slope of the kolovrat ridge from wich a splendid view opens over the one-time Isonzo front battlefield, stretching from Mt. Kanin, the Krn range to Mt. Sveta Gora; the view on the other side stretches over the Veneto region and Friuli lowland all to Adriatic sea. During the First world war the Italian Army build on the Kolovrat range an extensive system of the third line of defence, called "linea d`armata", a part of wich is now arranged as the outdoor museum.


  • Visit Dolenjska

    Dolenjska is characterised by hills, scattered vineyards, numerous vineyard cottages and churches, the Krka River, the karst landscape along the Temenica River, rich archaeological sites, quality t

  • Perpetuum Jazzile - Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

    Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

    As far as the eye can see,
    there is dreamy beauty,
    where is a more beautiful world to be found,
    is there a place more wondrous than home?

  • Goriška Brda, Feel the moment

    Where the view opens out onto the landscape of Venice, Friuli and the Venetian region, it reveals itself as the quite different, magical world of Brda.

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