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The region comes fo life in the new promotional video for Ljubljana and the region of Central Slovenia, revealing its uniqueness, vibrancy and a wealth of opportunities for having a great time.

Sights, culture, cuisine, leisure, sports and recreation, shopping, entertainment are presented along with many of inspiring moments you could sadly miss by not visiting our region. :)

Did we manage to pique your curiosity? If the answer is yes, you should definitely go to for more information.


  • Visit Dolenjska

    Dolenjska is characterised by hills, scattered vineyards, numerous vineyard cottages and churches, the Krka River, the karst landscape along the Temenica River, rich archaeological sites, quality t

  • Perpetuum Jazzile - Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

    Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

    As far as the eye can see,
    there is dreamy beauty,
    where is a more beautiful world to be found,
    is there a place more wondrous than home?

  • Goriška Brda, Feel the moment

    Where the view opens out onto the landscape of Venice, Friuli and the Venetian region, it reveals itself as the quite different, magical world of Brda.

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