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Slovenia, whence thy beauty?

As far as the eye can see,
there is dreamy beauty,
where is a more beautiful world to be found,
is there a place more wondrous than home?

From the mountains I gaze into the distance,
over the hills, the valleys, the mountain peaks,
in the distance, I see the blue sea.
Is there a place more wondrous than home?

Slovenia, whence thy beauty?
We hail you from our hearts,
and we are happy here where our home is.

Slovenia, this is a song for you,
do not seek happiness anywhere else but at home.

Tell me, white puffy cloud,
you have been around the world;
is there a land more beautiful
than the one where we live?

The wind sang a happy song,
it has blown across the world,
but nowhere has it seen such splendour
as here where my home is.


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