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The demonstration of traditional pumpkin oil production in Prekmurje region, north-east of Slovenia.


  • Goriška Brda, Feel the moment

    Where the view opens out onto the landscape of Venice, Friuli and the Venetian region, it reveals itself as the quite different, magical world of Brda.

  • Pannonian Slovenia cuisine

    Introduction to Pannonian Slovenia cuisine. Discover the north-east Slovenian traditional food and drink.

    Links to other parts of movie Taste Slovenia:

  • Pearl of Bela Krajina

    Movie about making traditional Belokranjska pogača. This is a round pogača (a kind of flatbread) made from leavened dough, brushed with beaten egg and sprinkled with salt and caraway seeds.

  • Vineyard & Winery

    Vineyard & Winery, movie participated on contest Dolenjska.

    Natečaj Dolenjska

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